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Brand Name: ZUIDID

Origin: Mainland China

Item Type: Vacuum Cleaner

Item Weight: 0kg

Material Type: ABS

External Testing Certification: NONE

Special Features: 3 in 1 multi-function

Model Name: 001

Selling points:

1. A new generation of electric compressed air has been redesigned with suction and blowing power. You can put the mini brush on the keyboard cleaning nozzle to easily brush away the dust on the electronic equipment. Clean your keyboard, laptop, computer tower

2. When you use it as a hand-held vacuum cleaner, the unique nozzle of electric pneumatic spray is designed for hard to reach areas. The soft bristles can help you brush the computer fan or electronic products gently without scratching or damage.

3. Electric compressed air and vacuum cleaner are combined in one. The vacuum cleaner has air dust removal mode, vacuum mode and bag sealing mode. If you buy so many different nozzles at one time, you can save a lot of money by saying goodbye to pneumatic spray.

4. Rechargeable battery, which can be used at any time, can be reused, has a long endurance, weighs only 0.7 pounds, and can be cleaned anytime and anywhere with a PC cleaner in one hand.

5. The filter screen can be washed with water after repeated use. Reuse is more environmentally friendly

6. Once the dust is poured, the dust bucket can be video


Product parameters:

Power: 120w

Suction: 100000Pa

Speed: 42000

Battery: 20000mAh * 2

Package size 225x165x65mm

Weight: 490g


Product list: vacuum cleaner * 1+2 filter elements+usb data cable * 1+extended flat suction nozzle * 1+multi-function brush * 1+multi-function air extraction nozzle * 1+multi-function air blowing nozzle * 1+English instructions * 1

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